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    • Hilroy48
      I received my new Charisma Audio Musiko phono amp today, and it is simply amazing. Right out of the box it was heads and shoulders over...
    • Hilroy48
      Hilroy48 replied to the thread New Cart on the way.
      Made By Jeff Spall its and Audiomods series six.
    • Hilroy48
      Hilroy48 replied to the thread New Cart on the way.
      I want to give a huge shout out to Scott Pugh from Essentia Technology For getting me my new Ethos SE cart. I was tuned on to a guy who...
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    • Hilroy48
      Hilroy48 replied to the thread New Cart on the way.
      Thank you guys. So I have been reading about TT mats, and have been running both of my tables with Acrylic platters. I prefer the sound...
    • Hilroy48
      Hilroy48 posted the thread New Cart on the way in Cartridges.
      After a lot of looking around etc. I have decided that i am going to just upgrade to the Ethos SE cart. I have one on order. Will give...
    • Hilroy48
      A 75M roll of #12/2 NMD90 wire is $262.00 I can only imagine what a custom roll of Cryo treated wire would cost.
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