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    What is it about most audiophile cable designs that make cables sound like Tone Controls?

    I have their 2400 Air speaker cables and Interconnects. The speaker cable is very good. The interconnect is also good, but a $200 coaxial cable I had was hard to distinguish from the inakustik. Another coaxial interconnect I had sucked. I threw that one out. I like my Genesis interconnect...
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    Acoustical Treatment for Listening Room Floor

    I heard someone call it a frog in the pot. I need REW too. You just don't know till your trained.
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    DYI Open-Baffle Speakers - is it hard to do?

    Did you ever build a speaker?
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    The Search For The Perfect Sound. WA Post Article Interesting. Nothing new but a fun read.
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    What is it about most audiophile cable designs that make cables sound like Tone Controls?

    Yes you are guessing and making assumptions.
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    The Worlds Best Listening Room?

    I hope the Orpheum in Vancouver BC sound good. I am watching Stewart Copland play there on Saturday.
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    Dedicated Manufacturer Sub-Forums Sponsored by Manufacturers

    I don't really see the big deal. I have wanted a Pure Audio Project thread. I have had a lot of crossover, cable and setup questions over the years. What I wish the forum had was a table of content for some of the threads. And a way to group subject information. I'm sure it would be a big...
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    What is it about most audiophile cable designs that make cables sound like Tone Controls?

    I find myself consternated over the subject of cables for a few reason. Just to clarify, I do believe a well designed electrical system with good cables will shunt some frequencies of RF noise. Its not going to do anything for 3rd, 5th etc harmonics. I have never seen any filter remove this...
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    What is it about most audiophile cable designs that make cables sound like Tone Controls?

    I don't know I accept a high quality cable reduces noise. What noise are you talking about. I do agree a power conditioner reduces noise, but again, what noise and at what frequency, and at what point in the system. And did that device do something to make the sound unnatural to some.
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    On Cables

    I don't disagree but I feel its a narrow answer. Impedance is very important when it comes to speaker cables and the amp, cable, speaker relationship. Bruce explains is much better than I do. He is helping me with a customer with a 62 foot speaker/ interconnect run. I also am not comfortable...
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    On Cables

    You don't think varnish is a type of insulation?
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    On Cables

    @MarkusBarkus I bet guys like Ralph or Nelson could do it. Transmission lines in a Circuit Board are at times well thought out. And those boards operate at much higher speeds with less distortions. Yet here we are with our transmission lines connecting equipment and not a thought goes...
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    On Cables

    Per Ralph Morrison "When a wave reaches the end of a transmission line terminated in a reaistor equal to its characteristic impedance, there is no reflection. " It makes me wonder if people spend too much time chasing name brands instead of understanding the circuit and applying the correct...
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    QSA : My take on their expensive products

    Per the manufacturer. Take care in application as to not cause shorts or unwanted resistance from excess material being applied and crossing dielectric boundaries intended in many connections. Remember if you are concerned with the application process you can seek help from a learned...
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    On Cables

    I don't like Ching Cheng cables for the following reasons. Let me first say, I use them in some places. Mostly power supplies for items such as speed controllers for my TT or my tape deck where they only power the motors that move the tape. The heads are wired out. They are excellent from a...

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