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With the resurgence of vinyl and turntables as a thriving part of the audiophile community it is the goal of WBF to bring fresh ideas to the forum. Most of us know David Karmeli (ddk) from internet audio forums as his name has become almost legendary in analog. There is no doubt that David possesses more knowledge than most people in turntables in general but so also has he owned or still owns most reference and beyond turntables, including most tonearms. His collection of cartridges both old and new has become almost urban myth until you have a chance to meet the man and hear his countless sound systems all built around Reference Turntables and a step beyond. Please welcome David to this dignified position as he helps us to understand these five Reference Turntables and realize that they are "A step beyond". David will enlighten us about these turntables as well as give instructions on cartridge and tonearm choice and simple set up.



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