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    What Amps are People Using with Latest Generation of Magicos? What have you heard that Impressed You?

    I am using Krell MRAs with my MPros. The bass is absolutly awsome with 2000 watt in 4 ohm :D
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    DCS Vivaldi

    Hi I use a Mutec Ref10 with my Vivaldi dac and Vivaldi clock. I actually thought the Ref10 upgrade (with Habst cables) was bigger than ading just the Vivaldi clock. Tommy
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    What's Next?

    A Signature Edititon
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    Low-cost streamer compares to Aurender

    If you can use SPDIF then the Rednet 3 will cost you about 900-1000 USD. I got the Rednet 16 (about 1500-1600 USD) and together with the Mutec MC3+USB, connected with AES cable to my Berkeley Ref dac it betters my old Berkeley Alpha USB converter by a great margin. If you are interested in Dante...
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    Tokyo Show Launch of New Flagship GIYA G1 "Spirit"

    Congratulations!! What about something like Magicos Bronze finish? Gorgeous with gold shimmer.
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    DCS Vivaldi

    Thanks for the feedback Peter. I guess I have to be prepared to dig deep in my pockets then as I understand the consensus is that Vivaldi (+stack) is better. On the other hand, ignorance can be bliss and I can live happily with my soon upgraded version 2...(very delayed that is). But...
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    DCS Vivaldi

    Hi Thank you for the kind words. I used to have Evolution 900 before the MRAs and they are the only I can compare directly with, especially since most of my gear has been changed a multiple times before i bought my 900 and MRAs. With MRAs massive power they will play anything with...
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    DCS Vivaldi

    Hi MadFloyd Congratulations with the Vivaldi Dac. The Vivaldi is very high on my list which dac to try out if I ever should change my Berkeley Ref. Anyone compared both of you lucky Vivaldi owners? Best Tommy
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    Tokyo Show Launch of New Flagship GIYA G1 "Spirit"

    From Hifi Messen in Horten, Norway. Beautiful in British Racing Green.
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    Perhaps first to hear new M3...

    I use Qsub15 with my M Pros, they sound amazing together! Did you get the 15 or the big 18?
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    New Q3/mini M-Pro?

    @Elberoth. I do belive Magicos blossom with god, solid power. I use a pair of Krell MRAs with lots of power and what you said about natural, colorful, weighty and saturated, I feel is spot on describing the M Pros. I have earlier owned Q3s and Q5s but he M Pros are clearly the most naturally...
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    New Q3/mini M-Pro?

    My dealer told me it sounded better with the Soulution 701s on saturday and sunday. I belive they used the new 5-series power amp on the first days.
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    New Q3/mini M-Pro?

    Hi Ron Was this at Magico HQ or in Munich? If the later I belive they only had S5 mk2 and M Project. Please correct me if I am wrong. Tommy

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