90-degree plug?


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Feb 4, 2019
I doubt its 100% transparent. But you have other limitations that are larger in affect. I assume the power to that rack is a 14AWG wire that feeds that room as well as some lights. Not ideal. Its good your changing the duplex to a Hubbell. That is a step in the right direction. I would start with the Voodoo plug and let your ears tell you if its working.
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Dec 31, 2022
Just thought I'd close the loop in case it's helpful to the next guy:

The Voodoo adapter is great and easy to use. Very solid and solves my problem. As my friend @Puma Cat taught me, it's practical advantages so overwhelm any (any at all?) noticeable deficit with this extra connection that it is a $99 no-brainer.


I also tried to be creative, and worked on mounting the outlet outside and perpendicular to the wall, so that the outlet faced the rack and I can bypass the Voodoo adapter. I took my old Leviton outlet and smashed it open w/ a crowbar to take the grounding brace as a skeleton to mount to the wallbox, and attached to it both the wall plate and a surface mount box so that it would allow the receptacle to face whatever direction I wanted.


Alas, this did not work since the 10ga wires were so stiff that in trying to mount this receptacle into the new box it needed so much force that the box cracked. But hey, at least I didn't die or set the house on fire.

Oh well, Voodoo adapter it is. If someone comes up with something better, I'd be interested!!
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