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I had my fitting on Saturday and it was really interesting and informative. I learned a lot about how clubs work and how that relates to the individual swing. My fitter was a scratch golfer with many years experience with golf fitting and with a high degree of knowledge about technology. Golf fitting is after all a technological event.
After warming up I hit some balls with my current driver and we looked at the numbers. He told me a bunch of things about my swing and how the club and shaft in my Driver were not really giving me the best performance. Not to bore you we hit a bunch of different clubs and then dialed in the shaft of the head I hit best to get a huge difference in my performance.
My point is it was never about particular gear or brands only what ended up working best for me. I ended up ordering new "sticks" and they were not what I might have expected but it was never about the brand for me only getting better gear to hopefully improve my scores. We shall see how the journey goes in a couple of weeks when they arrive

My only point in this thread is something I see all the time. People grinding through equipment without really knowing what they are doing and what they are trying to achieve. There will always be differences. There is always change however that change can many times trying to fix what was wrong before and many times what was wrong was the execution of the system not he hardware.

You can do whatever you want however sometimes there are people that can help you that aren't trying to sell you something. They may require getting compensated for their time like in many other professions and it might be worth it before just grinding gear.
If gear grinding is entertainment then that "fun" is a different issue.
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