Advice Lamm L2.1 Preamplifier with Classe CA-M600 SS Mono Blocks?


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Mar 21, 2023
Hello folks,

Looking for a tubed preamplifier for my system.

I'd like the preamp to run with my Classe CA-M600 Monoblocks. Other equipment includes a Meitner MA3 Dac, Lumin U1 Streamer and a pair of Gershman Grande Avant Garde Speakers.

In my opinion, the Gershman speakers are a tad warm so I don't think I need a full on Tubed Preamp and therefore, I think the Lamm L2.1 may be a good fit.

I live in the boonies so audition or "try before you buy" is out.

Other preamplifiers on the shortlist are:

VAC Signature MK IIA SE
Allnic L-8500 OTL/OCL
Allnic L-7000

I have the Gershman's and the Classe Monoblocks in storage at the moment. My current system is all McIntosh with a C2200 Preamplifier, two MC-75 Monoblocks and a pair of Cornwall IV speakers. I mention this for reference only. I love the sound of the McIntosh along with the Cornwalls but yearn for a much larger soundstage if possible. I'm looking to get as close as possible, to the "performer in the room" feeling, but within my budget.

Looking for advice from those who have hear the Lamm L2.1 or any suggestions I may be missing.

Kind reagards
CC- maybe I'm misunderstanding but the L2.1 is a line stage that has a solid state audio path and tube regulated power supply. I owned the original L2 that Vlad updated for me at a certain point -before the L2.1 was released. It was a fine unit, I used it in conjunction with Lamm ML2 SETs which I still treasure. If you want to avoid the overly warm sound of some older style tube preamps, the L2.1 may be a good choice. My only issue with it was that I didn't like to keep the tubes running 24/7, mainly for safety reasons. And it took a while for the unit to come back "on song" after you pulled power from it.
I'm currently using the L2.1 Ref. and consider it an excellent unit. Cannot speak to a match with your McIntosh or Classe amps, but it is not a warm sounding linestage with Lamm amplifiers. I've had no problem leaving it on for several days at a time, or give it at least an hour or so to warm up. Power supply tubes are readily available from other vendors, including the 6C19P. Over the last several months the used market is running $12k-$16k usd.
Thank you both for your reply.

I'm off to listen to some Allnic gear on Wednesday and will have to weigh what I hear against all the wonderful reviews I hear about Lamm.

I would be careful buying Lamm until (if?) they reopen in Florida. They have not released their schematics and do not have any authorized repair centers.
I would be careful buying Lamm until (if?) they reopen in Florida. They have not released their schematics and do not have any authorized repair centers.

Repairs are being made right now in Florida by the Lamm service department. I just spoke to Elina Lamm on Thursday.

I am looking for a pair of ML2s if anyone knows of a pair for sale and an LP1.
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