AIDAS Tibetan yak horn GOLD - LE.


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Nov 24, 2015
my on going and growing cartridges collection keep expanding,
while i wait for the VYGER INDIAN SIG to arrive and another arm from j.sikora
the new and now famous KV9MAX, i ordered also from AIDAS based in Lithuania
one of their limited edition cartridges made from Tibetan yak horn and 24k gold wiring.
The folks over there are truly nice and cooperative people and they made 20 pieces from this material. They also have the gold mammoth that is their flag ship.
It came in a very nice box and a clear cylinder with two screws to mount it.
in the box a letter of authenticity and a booklet with the specs and instruction. very informative, very nice and usable
(I remember the first time i bought a kouetsu, how confused i was that this little wooden box arrived with nothing else but the CR.

The CR itself is very big considering my other CR with a big body that looks amazing. it's an "open" design like VDH with a long cantilever pointing put,
mounting it was brisk! big and sturdy body, long cantilever, you can see everything and it took five minutes top with VTA and VTF adjustments.
i mounted it on my SAEC 4700 that is for the moment used for rotating variable CR on it. a detachable head shell and very easy adjustments made it very easy to switch CR in a few minutes.
I disconnected my KONDO, and put the AIDAS on a new Headshell.
The SAEC4700 connecting to the DC inputs on my CH precision P1 make its twice easy again, and the Tibetan yak horn gold was playing in a briff.
it has 3ohm instead the 1ohm kondo has, but more gain on tap, so i lower 5db from the ch P1 input for it to be balanced. no need for any more tweeks. time for music.

The first LP was the trout quintet (Schubert) from the original source DG.
It was magnificent from the start! out of the box you can hear details. and bass textures that are natural and profound.
on to some other stuff, jazz and classic rock, this CR has drive! and attacks that are very engaging. i'm still learning its abilities, but so far I LIKE it alot!
a friend asked me if i can sum his sound somehow using other CR characteristics
i said, its sound thick and texture like a koetsu and detailed and fast with great top and attack like a vdh XGP. its not "modern" sound like LYRA or ZYX style, it have some haft to it and relaxation in its presentation.

will comment about it again in a few days i supposed when i will have some more hours on it.

IMG_3760.jpg IMG_3765 (1).jpg IMG_3766 (1).jpg

have a great day!

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