Anti skate question - I'm stuck!

Tim F

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Jun 11, 2018
I have a VPI Super Scoutmaster and a Lyra Dorian. The typical recommended anti skate on the VPI set up is an imprecise twist of the wire on the arm, from this you get some anti skate. When I put the need down onto a mirrored surface (just for set up), with the cartridge perfectly aligned, the needle arm isn't straight. I believe this is due to the anti-skate force pushing the arm away from the centre of the record. As with no record spinning there is no counter force.

Question! Does this sound ok, I have no idea if I have too much force applied? I have no micro adjusting anti-skate on the VPI. Will the needle align itself properly when the record is spinning, due to the force counteracting the anti-skate?

Cheers, Tim


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Apr 30, 2018
Germantown, WI
Provided you have the cartridge aligned properly and VTF set to the correct weight, you want to listen for mistracking or distortion in the left or right channel. If the distortion is in the right channel you need to add more anti skate conversely if the left channel distorts you have too much anti skate force. You may notice more distortion as you get near the end of an album. Also make sure the table is level.

Good luck!


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Jun 7, 2017
Look at the stylus 'head on' while playing. If it is deflecting sideways you have a 'gross' antiskate issue. Even when it looks straight you may need to adjust by ear (as previously mentioned) to correct a 'fine' issue

Try with none as well and take note


Oct 14, 2018
(37.9085808, 23.7149301)
Hi Tim

during cartridge alignment the twisted cable should be disconnected and the connector should be placed behind the Tonearm‘s counterweight, otherwise the applied ant-skating will affect your alignment.

I had spent Many hours trying to set the anti-skating correctly by using the wire on 10.5“ 3D and later on 10.5 Fatboy, 12” fatboy unipivot and gimbal.
i have seen that by using the twisted wire only it’s almost impossible to achieve consistent results.
the antiskating device on the other hand can provide a much better way to apply adequate ant-skating force.
see below some hints:
-the fishing line must be vertical to the Tonearm.
-the fishing line should be level from the Tonearm to the device
-the fishing line loop should be secured at the lower possible position of the upper pole.
-with a 10.5” unipivot four orings are needed To the lower pole
- with 12“ unipivot three orings are need to the lower pole
- at the beginning of the record the lower pole should be about at 18:30 position (slight force)
- at the end of the record the lower pole should point about 20:30 (maximum force)

- check the cantilever deflection at various positions with a record playing and notice the reflection image, see below photos of my ETNA. The first photo show inadequate antiskating, the second photo adequate.
make corrections by adding or removing orings.

p.s in theory Skating force is not the same for all vinyls. Grooves modulation, thickness etc are factors to affect this force.
379CB3D2-AEFE-460B-A7DD-2610BBE23256.jpeg 45FF211C-D173-47CE-83FE-67663F43F179.jpeg
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