> If you check out artists with a reputation for very good sound, many are mastered on ATC speakers. That suggests to me that ATC can do a very good job.

Likewise, I'm certain that no mastering suite has speakers by Avantgarde or Magico or Wilson for that matter.

Does this count? Not mastering, but mixing.

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Does this count? Not mastering, but mixing.

Well spotted - has it taken you since 15 December to locate one suite with Magico speakers? ;)
Did you mean Wilson?

I didn’t read this thread then, I just saw it today.
Funny, Bruce Leek who has recorded the Mormon Tabernacle Choir for years and years uses ATC SCM 20s for his monitoring and mixing. I would say a majority of the MTC records you've heard in the last 20+ years are done by him. Not mixed there, not mastered there but unmistakable recording quality. They hire the best in the business. It is amazing they invested in expensive Wilsons for their live broadcasts!
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MTB Vince: That's quite a system you have there. It must be amazing.

My favorite thing about ATC that most people don't know is how drastic the differences are in the front end gear- all of it- preamps, DAC's, turntables, cables, etc. With active, the low distortion SL drivers and ATC tweeters, the typical masking is gone. I hear small differences much more clearly- especially things like imaging differences. The " misty cloud" left by a passive system with all that stuff between drivers and amps covers up so many details I know for a fact the artist and engineering team (tracking, mixing and mastering) worked very hard to put IN the recording.
Hello, what preamplifier do you recommend?

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