Audiomachina Speakers

Nov 6, 2014
Um ... SLC?
anyone have these they can share your experience with us? i spoke to karl and he is a super cool guy. seems like he has three designs as of 2016.

my favorite is the Pure NSE.

retails are (april 2016)

CMR II $10k/pr
Pure NSE $40k/pr
Maestro GSE $80k/pr

begin ...


Oct 12, 2013
Essex UK
Somebody I know in Kansas has just bought a pair of used monitors and subs and I am sure he would be happy to share his experience with you if that would be helpful.
Please PM me if it helps.

Steve Williams

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I heard them last year at THE Show in Newport as he was sharing a room with Bob Graham. I heard them with the TechDas AFO. I really enjoyed them and yes he was very nice indeed


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Feb 26, 2014
Interesting - I heard the smaller ones, I suspect the big ones will be worth listening to - the small ones showed a lot of promise

Mike Lavigne

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Apr 25, 2010
Karl use to live here in this area. in 2001 before he went commercial he brought his prototypes to my old room in my previous home. I liked what he was doing and liked his approach to cabinet construction; at that time it was CNG aluminum and he owned his own CNG machine. very smart guy and unpretentious.

since then I've heard his speakers at various shows and always been impressed. although typically they were a bit harder to drive than speakers I'm typically drawn to.


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Apr 21, 2010
Manila, Philippines
I've been curious about Fostex based speakers that are not fullrange single drivers, too.
Fostex's own line is sadly Japan domestic only. That's a shame. They are very good. I guess they know how good they are as prices in Japan have gone up considerably in the last few years but are still affordable by comparison. Their Magnesium midranges are beauties. The limited release FR MGs sold out very quickly on Madisound. They have since gone to crazy prices on the black market. Last I looked they were offered at 800 Euro a piece and you couldn't find a pair.

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