Believe High Fidelity Munich High End Show Coverage

Finally! Thanks very much for this video thread, much appreciated
+1 many thanks and great to be able to get a glimpse into these rooms, very much appreciated.
Thank you for the video coverage of the show. Which microphone setup did you end up taking, if any?
Thank you for the video coverage of the show. Which microphone setup did you end up taking, if any?

I took a single External MXL mic and my beachtek preamp going straight to my Camera so it is synced. My batteries were losing their juice pretty quick so apologies for the parkisons like shakiness I had to disable image stabilization to save on battery life.

Need to get me a fancy gimbal
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Love the videos good work
Do you have a list of rooms your going to ?

I am doing this trip is purely for entertainment purposes so I am going where the wind takes me. If there is anything you want to suggest I can see if I can make time for it
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