Burmester B30 vs Burmester B80 Mk2


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Jun 11, 2019
Hi fellow audiophiles and Burmester experts,

I currently own a Burmester B30. I find its sound to be a bit bold with strong sub bass and a recessed/thin midbass. Treble is a bit raw i feel (okay for entry level, not bright but not as silky as my Burmester car audio). The speaker ironically sounds great with movies, for music I find it to be a little aggressive at times - mainly due to the leanness of the sound in the upper/mid-bass region. With the subbass being strong - i feel a bit of hardness in the low frequencies which at times creates some listening fatigue. Drums sound a bit tinny dues to recessed mid/upper bass and electronic sub-bass sounds too powerful and fatiguing to the ear.

Preamp/amp combo used is : 035/911 mk3.

I was thinking of upgrading to B80 mk2. Will B80 mk2 have a more rich/fat midbass , and not as strong sub-bass like the B30? I'm fairly confident that the treble on the B80 will be a lot silkier than the B30, just wanted to figure out whether the B80 has a softer character in the sub-bass region where it doesn't create long term listening fatigue.

Can any Burmester experts chime in?

Best Regards,

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