C1/D1 optimisation with Streaming E/T card


Aug 2, 2020
Marshall Nack first documented this tip and I was somewhat sceptical initially with his advice but he was quite correct. If you have a C1/D1 combo and you want to enjoy it to the max, you should not have the C1 connected to network. Having the C1 connected to the network does have an impact the sound. In my case, I lose a fair bit of bloom, depth and timbre. Now, when I am in CD spinning mode, I turn off the switch. I only have the switch on if I am playing Tidal and music from my music server.

And before you ask, yes, I have optimised my network. And I have the latest and greatest from CH. Perhaps this issue only inflicts Marshall and me but as I have experienced this after several hours of testing, I thought I would share it out of interest.

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