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Oct 12, 2013
Essex UK
First of all, I wrote this with the help of Google Translator, so apologize!

My source and my speakers are far below the price of the vitus, (moon 280 with MIND2 and Klipsch Forte III) but I was really surprised how Waltz For Debbie sounded. I have never heard it so clear and clean. The feeling was not "they are here", the feeling was "my house is empty, there is only them". Even my wife was surprised at the presence while we were dinning. Maybe I missed the warmth of the 2A3 valves, but who wants warmth when you can have Bill Evans dining by your side.
Things changed when I put Quadrophenia. I really missed the "live" feeling of the tubes , but hey, it's a studio album!
Selling England By The Pound sounded like it was recorded yesterday, like my source was an Esoteric: I could hear the first fights between Collins and Gabriel between songs ;)
Vitus is so good that it improved my source and my speakers. But I missed some bass. The highs and mids were so perfect that if the lows were 9/10, it seemed much less.

All of this were also in the Gryphon Atilla, but as in a minor division. The instruments and vocals weren't so detached and that was less enjoyable with Jazz but it made the Who and Zeppelin records, and the Canterbury follies (EGG, National Health, Caravan) much more fun. The Gryphon's powerful and clear bass supported any downsides to mids and highs compared to the Vitus.

The Gryphon takes the best of my records and equipment, and make the funnier. The Vitus upgraded.

Both the Vitus and the Atilla that I have tried must be around 8 years old. After this, I just want to know how the latest Diablo and the latest SIA25 (or even the latest RI-101) would sound like in my system.

I wish I could have had a Luxman or a Pass in this home demo. Right now, if I have to choice right now, I kept the Vitus despite missing certain basses. I think that would be compensable by improving other parts of my equipment or playing with cables.

Oh! By the way, I have never been able to find in any store with an equipment capable of making The Epic of Kamasi Washington sound good. It always sounds dirty and poorly mixed, as if it only wanted to be played on cellphone or a car.
Thank you for the update and no need to apologise, you and the Google translator did a very good job of describing your audition of the 025 and the Gryphon.
I am not really familar with the Gryphon but was immediately able to relate to your listening impresions of the Vitus 025.
Obviously valuable progress, but very sensible to take your time to make the choice that is right for you. Most of us, and certainly myself, are inveterate/serial upgraders. IME it is best to take a longer term view and to resist "quick fixes" Getting the foundations right is key to future upgrades as you are then able to realise the full qualities of the initial upgrade and the subsequent upgrades of other parts of the system. It does,of course, require some patience, but will be more successful and cost effective.
The Viuts is not bass light with the right ancillaries. My YGs have 8" woofers so bass is not a problem in my system and it can be easy to overdo the bass to the detriment of the overall balance of the sound.
Good luck with the next stages and keep us posted.
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Jun 7, 2017
Oh! By the way, I have never been able to find in any store with an equipment capable of making The Epic of Kamasi Washington sound good. It always sounds dirty and poorly mixed, as if it only wanted to be played on cellphone or a car.
I really love the Brainfeeder crew not just Kamasi but Flylo too and where can you hear beats like Ras G?...but recording quality is only ok, not particularly great. Wouldn't chase that as a reference.

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