Confessions of an Audiophile Junky-I Got Center Stage With Pitch Perfect Sound

Joe Whip

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Feb 8, 2014
Wayne, PA
I must say I have had the .8 under my Yggy for two years. I hear the improvements he described without any of the nasties he described. I find it hard to believe that footers would change the sound of the amps that much so that they would now make every song sound the same. Doesn’t seem likely to me but what do I know.


Apr 3, 2017
Hong Kong
I watched that and listened. I made comments but he deleted them

Bottom line is he removed his CS 1.5's too soon and what he was reporting on each day was nothing more than the footers settling. He felt day 30 was the magic day when the clouds would part and the sound would be perfect. He simply removed his footers too soon. He reported hearing changes in the feet which were the signs that the feet were still settling. Simply put that video was totally deceptive as he was listening and reporting daily to all of the negative settling that was still going on. each system follows it's own course as these are system dependent. We have many satisfied Boulder users as well as users of the gigantic D'Agostino Relentless all with positive results

IMO you have already developed an obvious negative bias to the footers by your very comments

Once again the time to settle is system dependent. Some will settle in 10-14 days whereas others take longer. In that video Jay says it is ok for tubes and caps to take time to settle but not these feet. This guy is simply misinformed and has no clue as to the physics behind these feet. When I asked him about 2nd Law of Thermodynamics he had no clue except to say that he removed them on day 30 and the wonderful sound of his amp returned and "he knows amps as he has owned 300 different amps"
Oh I'm really sorry to hear that, Steve. Dishonesty, in my books, is a no no, and one shouldn't resort to negative sensationalism to generate eyeball hits. Breaking the tacit rules, especially so prominently in public, won't result in good Karma. Perhaps the reviewer's opinions of the CS2 footers will turn around with his new amps? Too much drama for me!

BTW, the numbers are what they are. When expectations are lifted, and the transaction completed, consumers will naturally expect the product to deliver. Subjectivity, and consumer psychology are indeed finicky beasts, but isn't that the nature of the business? Cognitive bias is indeed a powerful reality-distortion machine, and professionals at the top of their game know how to leverage its powers.

All this background noise won't change what I had initially heard during my audition of the CS2-0.8s under my DAC one iota - it was truly nothing short of amazing. So I took a leap of faith the next day, as life is truly too short. I'm still eagerly waiting for my CS2 footers to ascend and settle, even if that place is only a few steps higher than where my components started without the footers, as component interaction will vary (as one should understand).

But yes, at the end of the day, this is a happiness business! :)
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