DIRAC Target Curves


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May 25, 2011
Bothell, WA
I don't know if anyone would find these valuable, but there must be at least a few folks who would find these useful. Maybe even revelatory.

These are target curve files to be used during filter creation in the DIRAC and DIRAC live process. There are files for DIRAC 1.* and DIRAC 2.*

Some things are experimental, and I've tried to mark them as such, others brand named standards or are offered on Support sites for various processors with DIRAC implementations.

The sub folders have more to do with which hardware manufacturer I was working on rather than as a mater of compatibility.

There's DIRAC version one, which uses .txt files.

There's DIRAC version two, which uses .targetcurve files. I have the same set points in both formats if I have found them useful.

Why not just use the default target curve or press the button for an "Auto" target curve? Because that's not how to get the best result. The target curve tells DIRAC what you want out of your speakers. You can tweak them to taste or create different versions to try to address specific problems in particular speakers / locations.

Disclaimer: None of the brand names should be taken too literally with any of these files. Some of these I created from publications going back to the 50's for early lab measurements. I may have tweaked some of the numbers for my taste. These files are provided by me, personally, for free. You get what you pay for. These should be treated as public domain, open source. If there's an objection to use of a particular name, I'll be happy to change it and re-upload.

Maybe try matching your brand of processor to a folder or file name to start with, but any target curve is compatible with any processor. These numbers are just EQ settings. The only compatibility issue is the file format depending on your DIRAC version.

I hope some of my work can be beneficial to others.

***WARNING*** ok, that's maybe a bit too much, but if I have a chance to get your attention... Please do not upgrade your firmware from DIRAC v1 to 2 just because it's newer. I've got one that I upgraded, a Minidsp 2x4HD and I might switch back to v1. Your millage my vary. We have different setups, different rooms. For me, I didn't have the same visceral impact. Take frequent backups of your work. Know that installing new versions of applications may make it difficult to find your previous work. (Is it in Documents or App data / roaming / OEM?!?).

Feel free to ask questions, I check this forum several times per decade.


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