Evolution Acoustics @ T.H.E. Show - Costa Mesa 2023


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Jul 10, 2010
Anaheim Hills, CA
The Audio Association will be proudly presenting the new statement speakers - SYSTEM at the Costa Mesa Hilton - Bristol 3 ballroom.

We will also be showcasing the finest offerings from the following manufacturers:

- NHB-18NS MK II Preamplifier
- LHC-208 MK II Danalogue Integrated Amp/DAC (Newest version)
- Founder Series Cartridges (North American Premier)
- NHB-468 Monoblock Amplifiers

Durand Tonearms
- Tosca LE Tonearm
- Level 3 Phono Cable

Wave Kinetics
- NVS Reference Direct Drive Turntable

If that isn't enough to entice you to visit our room, we also have a special T.H.E. Show promo deal on the Evolution Acoustic MMMicroOne Speakers. Attendees will be able to purchase these for an amazing price of $1995.00/pair (Speakers and Stands) including shipping to your doorstep. Don't miss this spectacular opportunity to own these fabulous speakers!

We look forward to seeing everyone at T.H.E. Show!

Question/Inquiries: info@theaudioassociation.com or 310/739-3400
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