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Steve Williams

Site Founder, Site Owner, Administrator

Steve Williams

Site Founder, Site Owner, Administrator
Market is down today but TSLA is up over 50 points. Another good time to take some profit IMO
I hope it is north star , my long gold is going fine today .
I m short stocks again but that has never realy made me lucky , may be its different this time around

Ps I m just saying timing the market is not easy , do you actually really trade yourself NorthStar , from steve I believe it. :)
Yes I do. I don't recommend if you're not a professional.
Invest solid, research, be smart, analyse, everything.

Let see how high can we all go in our journey to the best ...
⛽⚖☎️⏰ How much gas, balance your portfolio, get on the phone, @ the right timing ...

176.99 52 Week Low/High 968.99
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