FS: Audio Research Reference REF CD-7 in excellent condition


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Feb 7, 2014
FS: AUDIO RESEARCH REFERENCE REF CD-7 in excellent condition

Asking Price: $3400 (new $8,995) or best offer


This ARC Reference CD7 is approximately nine years old and I am the 2nd owner. I purchased the unit in 2015 and it has been sitting in the same position on my rack until today. The REF CD7 has performed flawlessly since I’ve had it. It has not been serviced nor have any parts been replaced other than the tubes. The serial number is 67203406.

I am selling because I’ve upgraded to an ARC Reference CD9. Although the Ref CD9 is incrementally better than the CD7, IMO the Ref CD7 remains a superb performer. The sound is lush with a “tube-like” midrange when compared to other CD players I’ve auditioned. You won't be disappointed. But don’t just take my word for it, read the reviews:


I am unsure of total hours. The original owner placed in new tubes, which were sourced from Audio Research, just before I purchased it. A conservative estimate is that the current tubes have at most 500 hours on them as I listen primarily to vinyl. The (5) 6H30 tubes are expected to last 4000 hours and the single 5881 tube is estimated to last
2000 hours but tube life may be variable.

The power supply had also been upgraded at the ARC factory in 2012 replacing two 6H30 tubes with a single 5881 tube.


The overall cosmetic condition is an 8/10 although the CD7 appears pristine when viewed from the front, top, back and sides. However the bottom of the face plate and bottom cover plate show some very superficial scratches if you look closely (see pictures). These areas are only visible when viewed from the bottom of the CD7. The remote control is 9/10 because it has been used but shows no discoloration or functional defects.

What’s included

Included are the detachable power cord, remote control, screwdriver, a copy of the owner’s manual, an ARC note about the revised power supply, foam packaging for the 6 tubes and the factory double box. The magnetic clamp or puck which holds the CD to the transport of course is included.

Shipping and payment

I will ship insured for the total purchase price through FedEx (estimated to be about $90-$110 depending on location in the continental USA). Shipment to Hawaii and Alaska would be more. The 6 vacuum tubes will be packaged in factory foam containers and placed inside the CD7’s chassis (see picture). Paypal fees, shipping and insurance will be the responsibility of the buyer. Paypay is the preferred method of payment but I will accept a certified check or wire transfer. Funds must clear before the item is sent. I have 100% feedback (737 ratings) on Ebay (wlem321). I have less feedback on Audiogon (lem321) but all reviews have been positive (100%). I will only ship to the USA. No returns or trades please. Please let me know if you have any questions or would like to see additional pictures. Cheers!


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ARC Ref CD-7 price lowered to $2995.

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