FS: ISOTEK EVO3 OPTIMUM 5-METER (US wall plug -> Neutrik Powerconn), great condition!!!


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Sep 11, 2010
Greer South Carolina (USA)
I am selling one (1) 2-meter ISOTEK EVO3 OPTIMUM 5-METER US power wall plug terminated with Neutrik
Powerconn twist-lock power connector at the power conditioner, amp or component end.

This can readily be reterminated for US 15-amp, 20-amp or any other region in the world, all you need is the connectors and
the expertise or someone to do it for you. At this length, you can cut this cable and make 2 or 3 out of it!

It's in very good condition and it is now a spare for me; I am the original owner and Isotek shipped
this direct to me to utilize with my prior ISOTEK EVO3 TITAN and SIGMAS power conditioners.

I do not have the original box as Isotek sent it wrapped without an original OEM box, but will wrap it
carefully in bubble-wrap and ship it cushioned in a good quality shipping box.

Price New: $1,995 USD
Asking Price: $1,000 USD (or best reasonable offer)
*includes Paypal fees and UPS Ground or USPS Priority Mail shipping

Buy with confidence; I have extensive feedback as a seller on Agon under the UserID "Zephyr24069"


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