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Jun 22, 2016
Greater Boston
I have for sale a complete Spectral/MIT System. It includes the following items:

Spectral DMC30SV Preamp (current model) - Retail is 15k
Spectral DMA300RS Stereo amp (current model) - Retail is 20k
MIT Oracle HD90 speaker cable- Retail was 13k
MIT Oracle MA-X Rev. 2 Interconnects (RCA) - Retail was 15k

All purchased from Goodwin’s High End. Condition of amp and preamp is pristine. Cables are also excellent with usual wear marks on connectors.

I have extensive feedback on Audiogon. Price: 30,000. Serious inquiries only, please.

He who hesitates losses. Bob, I had thought about doing the exact same thing with the same core electronics and a step higher MIT cabling and interconnects. I wish you luck. A great price for someone who wants to experience Spectral and a very fair price.


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