Glorious integrated revolution - Genus from Aries Cerat

Well, nothing prepared me for Genus. I knew it is good, I knew it is excellent, I have heard it is killer amp, yet nothing compares to listening. How come this “little” baby sounds this extraordinary !?

This really is end game amplifier for many, for most audiophiles on a budget. So real, so balanced, no weakness at all, no excuses whatsoever. Many, many pre/power expensive interconnect combos will be ashamed.

Stavros loves his babies and understandably so. This is impossible act to follow. The very entry level products sound so great ! And I have listened to almost all top AC products before Genus and Helene. Usually you are not so excited with less expensive products after listening to top level.

Nothing like this with Aries Cerat, I am thoroughly impressed, or should I say shaken by the sound quality of baby Aries Cerat components. It is easier with unlimited budget, but to create uber high end products so affordable for many, it is a masterpiece work , it is dream come true !

This fabulous journey in Aries Cerat world is like best fairy tale. For grown ups, or may be not fully grown ups.
Deep respect to Stavros, out of this world designer at his best form. It is not a complement, but truth itself.

Sincerely, Vess


Dec 29, 2018
Thanks for sharing Vess. I am interested to audition this amp as well for my Verity Parsifal Anniversary with 89db sensitivity. May I ask what speakers you have tried the Genus with?
Hi, I tried Wolf von Langa both Son and Chicago - excellent. Horning Hybrid Eufrodite Ellipse - stunning. All are 95-96-98 dB.

When I try lower sensitivity speakers, will advise the result.

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