GT Audioworks planar speakers


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Apr 30, 2017
GT Autoworks speakers have been receiving rave review ( see attached reviews -they were also featured on AVshowrooms reviewers view video at the 7 minute 20 second mark.) as they were recently displayed at the Capitol audio fest 2018.
They feature no crossover on the 6ft. main planar driver, pure copper traces (not aluminum) and unlike other manufacturers GT speakers uses a revolutionary proprietary membrane that does not produce any resonance.
The frame within frame construction is also a special design to eliminate vibration. The dipole characteristics of the planar magnetic speaker mates perfectly with the dipole characteristics of the open baffle servodriven subwoofers.
Depending upon your room size this speaker can be used without any of the servo subwoofers as they naturally rolloff at around 50 Hz . Or they can be mated with either to 3,4 or 6servo-driven subwoofers per side.


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Apr 30, 2017
I forgot to post the link - The GT Audioworks speakers are reviewed at the 7 minute, 20 second mark.
Click below:

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Jan 24, 2015
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Welcome to WBF, planarman!

We have many, many fans of planar speakers here!
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Dec 11, 2015
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What is the current price of the GTA 3R?

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Sep 16, 2020
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What is the current price of the GTA 3R?
At Jan 2021, so with recent (global) inflation likely to be 10%-20% more I guess

Pricing for the Reference 3 sits at $27,500, with the subwoofers (including servo amps, crossover, and balanced cables) costing $7,995 (two 12-inch woofers per side), $19500 (four 12-inch woofers per side), or $25,000 (six 12-inch woofers per side).
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