"How can we ever truly know if we are hearing exactly what is on the recording?"


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Dec 7, 2011
North Shore of Boston
The further we go (if we are doing things correctly) the more our systems allow us to hear what is in the recording. At the same time the older we get the less we can hear what our systems are revealing in the recording.

Thus we have a perfect happiness in perception and an unseen and ever swaying equilibrium moving in constantly unchanging and soon to be forgotten ways.

This is the ageing paradox.
Excellent post. This reminds me of what my badminton buddies and I discuss. Some of us started playing the game late, say around 30 years old. Now in our 50s, we are slowing down physically, but still learning the strategies of the game, so rather than a slow and steady decline that the great players face as they age, we later-learners are reaching a plateau, as we slow down while learning more. We level off and stay there, oscillating slightly, day to day.

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