Luxman PX 100


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Oct 15, 2020
Hello everyone!Newbie here with a soft spot in my heart for Luxman equipment.

I own a PX 100 turntable purchased in 1982. It played perfectly for 37 years. I developed a lot of serious health issues and stopped listening to vinyl. Once I became home bound I decided to start listening again. I set up my Sansui AU 717,Sota Sapphire with vacuum and my old reliable Luxman with a new Ortofon M2 Red. Well,the Lux did not start, the platter would not turn although the automatic portion would work! Took it to someone recommended by a friend to look at it. Told me the table has a plastic lifter(?) that lifts the platter so it spins freely. That part is broken. He could not find a replacement so I was going to sell it for parts however, It was the last series of tables built by Micro Seiki before Luxman was sold to Alpine. Lots of sentimental value here. Does anyone here have a clue if what I was told is true? Any recommendations? Your suggestions will be greatly appreciated!
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