More black is even more beautiful - Aries Cerat Impera II / Concero Ref 65 with Wolf von Langa Son and Chicago


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Nov 4, 2012
Sofia, Bulgaria
Impressed to say at least, by the tests with AC Genus and WVL speakers, I went early to work and started new tests with Impera II preamp and Concero Ref 65, driving WVL Son / Chicago. I had great expectations, but result surpassed them in a fabulous way. The Son sounded like bigger speaker with tight deep bass, meaty mids, sparkling highs, big sound stage, vocals in the room, excellent dynamics, PRAT or jump factor as good as it gets.

But, the star of the day was Chicago. Everything Son did, but in a much more matured form and grand scale. I was speechless, words failed to describe. Certainly in the top 5 systems I have listened to, ever. May be top 3, so close to perfection. Any music, any volume. As I already mentioned somewhere, I would put this system against any of the best out there. Great products and great matches are not found every day, so we must value them. And listen.

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