New 108 amp model two

May 30, 2010
No...the 468 is a hybrid of the 458 and the old 108 model 1. A dual evolution.
It could also be said a dual retrogress ... :)

I think that the only difference between the 108 v1 and the v2 was the SMTP circuit and some hardware, I have owned both.

As far as I can remember the only known differences between the topology of the 108 and the 458 were the number of transistors in the output stage - one pair in the 108, more than one pair in the 458 and the true balanced input of the 458. Does the 468 have a single pair of output transistors?

Please note I am addressing technical details, not sound quality.


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Dec 12, 2011
Thieliste was at the Zurich show this weekend. I hope to hear what his thoughts were for the rooms there.
Aug 31, 2014
Looking forward to your feedback from your visit with Herve....
Hey guys, yes just got back from my Swiss tour and did stop by Geneva to visit Hervé, we did the factory tour, saw 4 pairs of 468s being assembled and an 108 model 1 being upgraded to model 2
In the aftenoon we went to his place to listen to the rig he has in place at the moment with the 18NS, 108 model 2 and the 208 for streaming purpose.
The speakers he is driving at the moment are the
no really to my taste, would have preferred the Evolution Acoustics MMthree that he has.
The sound was huge just like a live performance, very transparent, fast and a little tubey.
Unfortunately i have found the treble kind of bright and aggressive, i don't know if that came from the speakers or the amp.
Anyway i have to thank Hervé for taking the time to show me his factory and audition his rig with the new 108 model 2.

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