"New" Pair of Amati Homage

Jan 10, 2018
Golden CO
I was looking for a pair of speakers that would be more visually appealing in my living area for one of the digital systems I run and came across a pair of SF Amati Homages for sale. The ad proclaimed that the speakers were an early model (serial #084) which suffered from a defect in the finish process which rendered the lacquer on the translucent side of cloudy.

The reviews for the speaker were quite favorable and I was intrigued with the advertised low cabinet resonance and hefty wt. (150# ea) so took a chance and purchased them sight unseen. It took two of us to unpack them and indeed, the side panels are quite mottled though the top and bottom maple plates look fine. Otherwise, this one owner pair don't have a scratch on them and are in great shape. I must say, the spaghetti grills are an interesting design touch.

Set up and positioning was fairly straight forward following the guidelines in the exquisite instruction package included. The room is on the large size but these speakers have no problem filling it with music. They do require a fair amount of power (no surprise, they are 4ohm speakers) and have settled on the use of a Counterpoint NPS-400A MkII to drive them and it does so effortlessly and cleanly.

I am not well enough equipped to properly describe the music reproduction and the best I can convey is that these speakers work together and with an immediacy that rival my Avantgarde Duo Grossos. A nod to the lute shaped cross section and hefty weight I suppose. What one is left with is music reproduction that is clean and non fatiguing.

Given the quality of music they reproduce, the imperfections are a non issue for me and am very pleased with the purchase.

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