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Apr 7, 2022
I just got back from first audio show, and what a great time I had geeking-out with my fellow audiophiles! am just getting back into audiophilia after taking a break raising kids, etc., and I had forgot what fun it is!

I wandered into the VSA room, and had a listen to the Ultra 7s and I was stunned at how incredibly real they sounded. It was the type of sound that I had been always looking for but never finding...until Friday afternoon and evening.

I was in the market for a mid-fi price level bookshelf speaker that I could put in my small 11' X 11' room, and had read somewhere that the VSA Unifield II Mark IIIs were incredibly transparent, so I thought I would find the VSA room and make some inquiries. I actually first spoke to Leif who told me that the Unifield was a great speaker, but they hadn't made any in some time, and assured me that even though my room was small, he recommended the E-3 Mark II. Leif introduced me to Gordon from the Audio Company, who advised me that they had a pair at the show and that they could set them up for me the following morning. In the meantime, that evening I was treated to a listening session with Greg Weaver, the Audio Analyst, with the amazing Ultra 7, VAC, Kronos system that they had assembled. What a great time that was with Greg providing narration an stories about his music selections. I must say that I had a hard time sleeping that night anticipating the appointment to listen to the E-3s the next morning.

I returned at 10:30 the Saturday morning for my audition. It didn't take long for me to break out the credit card...about 1 1/2 songs actually. Gordon stated that he would be willing to sell me the show demos that he had at the show, and I jumped at the chance. They had them neatly boxed up and I had them in my car at 1:30pm.

The incredible sound of the VSA products are one thing, but I think the thing that really impressed me was the passion that everyone showed for their products. Leif Swanson, Damon Von Schweikert, Gordon and Mark from the Audio Company were great about answering all of my questions, and really made me feel like I was a welcomed addition to the VSA Family. It is not often that you can speak to the Chief Designer and CEO of the company that you are buying product from

I quickly set them up on Sunday and they proved to be amazing in my space as Leif suggested. I guess I need to cancel my Wilson order...

Thanks for a great experience. You have a new fan-boy.

Bill Pringle


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Feb 4, 2019
Congratulations. What are you with
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Jun 7, 2010
Welcome to the VSA family!. E-3 is a tremendous speaker. You will have hours and hours of happy listening ahead of you.
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