Playback Designs Stream-X


Nov 22, 2012
Has anyone used the available Stream-X option for the new Dream or Sonora line products. It will take an ethernet signal from Tidal or Qobuz directly and is
Roon ready?

In March or shortly after Playback Designs is offering the StreamIF for use with their products. It is the next line of interface after the USB-X-III and will accept Ethernet for Tidal or Quobuz and is Roon ready. It will also still accept Ethernet connection for your existing NAS files. The ethernet connection is limited to 192kHz / DSD1x.
The USB connection from a music server will be up to 384kHz / DSD4x.
Both will be sent to the Playback Designs equipment via Fiber on their Plink feature.

I am planing to purchase the Stream-IF with it becomes available. Any feedback would be appreciated.
Nov 9, 2010
Having recently purchased the XIII will PBD be doing a Part exchange for the new Stream-IF.....
Also, when could one expect software upgrade for higher DSD sample rates via network connection...


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Jun 18, 2011
Hong Kong

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