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Nov 18, 2020
I wonder how these would do with Pass Labs INT-25 Class A integrated...
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Oct 12, 2017
As I have understood it, they need a bit of power, or at least a amp with a strong power supply to make them sing


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Feb 24, 2023
I already owned the ii so that's what I'm using. Part of me wants to try the 3 but it's not that cheap to do so and really, it's at the max of the specs but within spec so I'm sure it's dandy. I'm sure isoacoustics puts the range ending as performance starts to drop not after it's already dropped.
I'd like to know what length M8 Gaia II stud you're using with your IQs - the 1", or the 1.25" LONG? Want to make sure to order the right ones.


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Feb 24, 2023
Regarding the hifi pig review...I bought these speakers and am very happy with these speakers specifically because I'm not a soft jazz guy, and I know they intended them to be able to rock, rave, and rap. And they do, very much so.

Regarding volume levels, I think I agree, that there is a sweet spot and it's a bit louder. I care about volume as I listen to my music after my wife goes to bed most of the time, and her bedroom is right above. I need to keep it around 75db ..maybe 78. I found this was the case with my new amp more, but it does sound it's best when I get up into that 75-78db at the chair. It's not loud, but it's not quiet.

Regarding current...I ran it with a variety of amps as I put in my review. My guess is the 25wpc Vinnie rossie has the most current delivery.

They all sounded great. The 25wpc kt150 lab12 didn't have enough for the bass. But it wasn't that far off. Would depend on your music style. The 50wpc mastersound has no issues whatsoever
Got my pair delivered late last week. Still breaking them in, and early indications are these speakers are the real deal, revelatory (all the more so at their price point). Bought / installed the Gaia II footers as well, thanks for the tip Superchunk. So far these speakers have capably handled all we've given them - rock, jazz, classical, opera, country, blues, bluegrass. Fantastic imaging, micro/macro detail, bass depth and definition, etc. HUGE sweet spot, remarkably unfussy about set up. More to come. Great job, Qualio!
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Jan 24, 2015
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This is a thorough review of the new Qualio IQ speakers by the cube audio team. Since there's no user reviews on the internet I decided to do a full review even though I'm not really experienced or knowledgeable enough to usually write a review. But, I'm getting the first pair so I thought it would be valuable for others to have some thoughts about them to read.

For professional reviews, Srajan has a very thorough review up that really helped me make my decision to try them.


I definitely think it's valuable to have context for a review, so a little about me and what I'm looking for and what I listen to.

I've been using Harbeth shl5 with lab12 pre1 and suono (25wpc class A single ended kt150) for many years. The Lab12 isn't the most detailed but it is extremely pleasant, flowing...musical. Combined with the harbeth the mid range and particularly vocals were truly amazing. Friends would have goosebumps and hair on back of the neck stand up.

Despite these very strong strengths, I grew a bit bored eventually. I tried a Dartzeel lhc 208 to see if more power would wake up the harbeth but it didn't entirely do it for me.

I decided to try some Reference 3A Grand Veena. They did bring more excitement, dynamics and more sparkling highs, as well as tighter bass. But...while very good they didn't entirely move me. So I kept shopping.

What am I looking for:
- dynamics
- wide deep soundstage
- fun, sparkly highs
- excellent midrange, if not as good as harbeth
- fun. Toe tapping, engrossing and engaging

What I care less about:
- bass. Im just not picky with it really. Obviously it matters it's just not something I focus on
- perfect tonality. Again, obviously it matters but I'm focused more on the overall presentation right now

Musical tastes:
I listen to a wide variety and almost none of it is audiophile. I'm 45 and grew up on indie rock, hip hop and punk.

A bit of a cross section if certainly not comprehensive to the variety I like:
Dinosaur Jr
Andrew Bird
Alabama 3
Blake Mills
The Halluci-nation
Sampa the Great
Jim White
Jimbo Mathus

Feel free to listen to any of those to get an idea. Again, it's not audiophile music which is probably why perfect tonality doesn't matter as much to me as it would to some.

So why the Qualio? Well, I think the open baffle mid and high will give me the open, free presentation that wraps me up and engrossed me. I think the woofer will give the bass I need to fill in the body. I think the amt will give me that sparkle I find fun. I think the Cube team knows good midrange and will deliver on that. Overall, I think it's going to give the general presentation that I need.

I almost bought the Wolf Von Langa Son. These cost a fair bit less than half as much and I think will offer much of the same, and I'm hoping for better.

Qualio is direct to consumer in an attempt to keep costs low. Communication with Grzegorz was fantastic, he's a great guy. They are certainly very busy with two audio companies, one brand new, shows to do etc...but I was happy with the whole process. I got in on the first run and was told mine were the first to ship. Took about 6 weeks from order to shipping which is very fair considering this is the very first run, you can't expect everything to go perfectly.

Equipment I'll be using:
Kuzma Stabi/stogi s
My sonic labs eminent ex cartridge
Sutherland Little Loco current mode phono stage

Amplifier options in the house:
Dartzeel lhc 208
Vinnie Rossi lio DHT with amp and dac2
Lab 12 Pre1
Lab12 Suono
VTL S200

I will be trying them all and mix and matching the two preamps (vr and Pre1) with the two power amps along with the two integrated (dart and vr).

I will also be home auditioning Angela Gilbert Yeung c318 and a120, which I dealer demo's and really liked.

So we will see who ends up staying and who goes. It's a nice variety of ss, tube, high watt and low for both.

Thus ends part 1: the leadup
The speakers are scheduled to arrive Monday (hopefully). I will post part 2: unboxing and setup shortly after.

Would you please give us your detailed impressions between the S200 and the Suono?

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