Schnerzinger protectors


Atzko Kohashi & Eddy Koopman Sketches

Used microphones:

Atzko (piano): Josephson C700S
Eddy (percussion): Josephson C700S, 2x Sonodore RCM-402, Josephson C617 & Josephson C700A

Used equipment:

Micpre's: Merging Horus
Microphone cables by AudioQuest & Mogami
Speakers (mixing): TAD Compact Evolution, Zellaton Plural Evo
Poweramp: Moon 760A
Recording & mixing headphones: Hifiman HE1000se / Sennheiser HD800S
All power cables and power conditioners by AudioQuest.
High-frequency interfering field elimination system by Schnerzinger
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I've purchased this recording. Very clean and extended on both ends, super fast transients/dynamics. And available in 32bit DXD, the highest quality format I've heard - equal or better than DSD256.

I also recommend this recording by this label, it is one of the best piano recordings I've heard:

Juraj Stanik - I Wonder

Check this one from the same label;

"It was a wonderful experience recording the Chris Maene Straight Strung Grand Piano. Each note has a wonderful clarity and timbre. This piano really sings. My guess is that because the strings are not crossed as on a normal grand piano, the sound of each string is free to ring out as it does not have to pass other strings above or below. The upper harmonic ringing from sympathetic strings, as one can faintly perceive on even the best of the traditional cross strung grands, is completely absent. And last but not least; the perfect placement of the lowest note completely to the left and the highest completely to the right is a sound engineer's dream come true.
Another dream come true was recording the beautiful 'wood' reverb in the old church. The sound of this church is really special. A normal stone church has a never ending brittle sustain that can be difficult to handle when recording but the sound in this little church is warm and lush with a gorgeous natural decay."

Frans de Rond

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