Sirius acquires Pandora for 3.5B


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Apr 20, 2010
United States

Interesting. I use Pandora because its algorithm for understanding the music's "DNA" and then generating a radio station prompted by my key selection(s) is superb. This is especially true for less popular formats such as world music. I use Pandora mostly for the pool and hot tub (too hard to schlep the turntable to the hot tub :cool:). I use Tidal when I'm on the big rig because of the quality (only Tidal and Qobuz are lossless). With Tidal, I generally choose the artist as I'm not a huge fan of their radio station mixes.

On demand music streaming will surely continue to evolve. I wonder if Spotify (71M paying users) will adopt the Pandora (5M paying users) algorithm for music selection? Even better, it would be really nice if Spotify/Pandora will now upgrade their SQ. It seems that with less than 4M paying users, Tidal's future is grim.
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