Sme 3012 R

I know this old arm is good but I don’t know why David,Rockitman,Tang,Ron,Mike
Use or will use having top tonearm like Sat,EliteAxiom,Black Beauty,Durand

Why 3012 is so special?
I never had and I don’t understand
Only to know for my curiosity
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Mar 4, 2014
The cutout appears to be the same. I am aware of one SME Model 20/12 in London that was custom made by SME to allow the stock armboard to be shifted slightly on the top chassis to accommodate a 3012 arm. I do not know how they got around the RCA terminal connection. Perhaps that was also adjusted to suit.
Thank you.
May 30, 2010
Not possible, Fransisco. A dealer wrote me that it may be possible to replace the rear arm tube stub with stock tubing and cut it shorter to make the arm fit, but that would mean the counterweight could not be moved by rotating the knob on the back of the arm, which is a nice feature. David wrote me that any modification to this arm messes with the sound, so I am hesitant to modify the arm, hence the idea for the outboard arm pod.
You have tow possibilities there - moving the tonearm to a safe zone and use an non SME alignment of the cartridge (as most people with SME's do) or just moving the two offending O-rings to another position in the same the pillar . I also would never modify the the rear arm tube, but would not mind using the rear arm tube of the 3009R on the 3012R - same materials and structure, but one centimeter shorter.
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May 9, 2015
Cologne, Germany
If someone is interested to buy a near NOS SME 3012R,
I just added one offer to the WBF Classifieds listings.

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