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Jan 29, 2019
Hello, I am new here and if i do a mistake with placing this post please correct me. I am thinking about buing a new soundbar actually I have yamaha yas-103 it is good but i have it for 5 years and the time for change has come. I thinking about 4 soundbars:
-Yamaha ysp-5600( subwoofer will be bought later)
- bose soundbar 700 (same situation)
- sony ht-ST5000
and lg sj9
The soundbar will be used in not huge room but not symmetrical. The sound bar will be located about 60cm from right wall and few meters (about 4) from left wall I will be sitting about 2.5m from it and the wall will be just at my back. I have read a lot of reviews and tests but I am not an expert I just want a good quality sound. I do not have a lot of place to put a lot of speakers in room so that's why I decided to continue my journey with soundbars. Can you help me with decision? Oh I forgot the soundbars will be use for films esspesialy at Netflix, playing at ps4 and not so often for listening to music. I have chosen that soundbars due to the fact that I would like to have Dolby atoms or dts x, yah I know that Bose do not have it but I think it is also good soundbar. Thank you for your help.

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