Spectral & grounding schemes


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May 6, 2010
Boston, MA
At the advise of my dealer, and as I also found out myself, lifting the ground on my amps sounds smoother, and in fact, it removes a very slight hum out one of them. Recently, and because I am plugging everything into the Shunyata Denali 6000/S v2, I decided to experiment with routing chassis grounds (amps and preamp) to the Denali's ground plug, aka GP-NR, which is claimed to be connected to one of those noise-reducing NICs (as are the regular ground prongs). I am not sure I am hearing any difference, and I surely DID NOT get that slight buzz back, but was wondering if anyone else has tried something like this and what you hear...

Part of why I did this is because I measured a resistive path from the black speaker terminal to the chassis screw, of around 200 ohms

Hi Ack,

Have you any experience with playing floating (not using earth) on preamp and amp? How long do you play that way? Are you also using a special audio fuse in your cub board? I do 20 amp with a special earth pen for grouncing 0,8 ohm only in use for my audio.
More Music told me to do also but I haven't tried it yet I am a bit axious about not using earth?

Just curious about the blue parts on the cooling vin's where are they for?

Greetz Hiempie
Never tested with no earth ground. And I was wrong above about lifting the ground on the amps, at this point. This is something I tried a while ago, but instead, the Yggy2's ground is lifted, as I confirmed yesterday, and it was the source of the very slight buzzing I has having last year. Nonetheless, star-grounding the chassis of the amps, preamp and Yggy on the Denali v2 has rendered small but significant results.
My experience with all Spectral amps (stereo though latest Anniversary mono blocks) = low level hum. This, my dealer told me, was a typical problem, that’s erased with lifting ground. No matter whether the amps are plugged into the Everest, or as I do today, give each its own 20a circuit. As for using chassis grounding, I’ve found that nothing I’ve plugged into my Everest (or prior Denali 6000/T) benefits from the Shunyata CGS. Might give your approach for the Spectal amps a try. I’d played with signal grounding via star-grounding but also found little benefit. However that was using Ted Denny’s initial products. So there may be more effective solutions out there.
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My latest change 260 to 300 RS no hum anymore! I believe the hum was caused by the transformer in the 260 the 300RS uses newer transformers better for the 230v 50 Hz environ here in the Netherlands. I use from the cupboard a special very good shielded Kemp cable direct connected to a 25 amp Siemens Cylindric fuse cardrige gold plated and seperate grounding 0,8 ohm only in use for audio.
Reviving an old thread, just a quick question ack. The blue things you have in between the cooling fins, is that for stopping any possible vibrations in the chassis? If so, do you notice a difference in the sound?
Ack no longer posts here. Maybe he will respond. I believe Ack was using pieces of sorbethane isodamp to keep any potential vibration from the chassis to a minimum. He uses the product extensively in his system.
Thanks for the info dan31

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