The Crown-Season 5

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Season 5 of The Crown started this week with all 10 episodes already on Netflix. This now brings us to the 90's where things get serious between Charles and Princess Di.
I have to admit that this series remains one of my favorite TV series of all times.The casting director seems to get better with each season. Princess Di (Elizabeth Debicki). is a dead ringer and Imelda Staunton as the Queen nails the role. Jonathan Pryce plays Prince Philip and other than being a little short for the role , he nevertheless also nails the role. Episode one dwells on the queens lengthy reign as Queen Victoria Syndrome while it shows Charles foaming at the mouth with his desire to be King after a Sunday newspaper suggested she is old and needs to abdicate the throne to Charles. This truly is a remarkable series and will sadly end with Season 6 in the early 21st century but not up to the time of the Queen's death. Granted this is a biodrama and Im sure there are liberties taken wrt the truth for purposes of advancing the story but as the Queen ages with Imelda Staunton, IMO she has captured the role as perfectly as I could ever imagine.This is a non miss series



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Aug 7, 2010
Granted this is a biodrama and Im sure there are liberties taken wrt the truth for purposes of advancing the story

Late entrant for understatement of the year :)

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