Tone arm recommendation For Marantz TT15 S1


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Sep 15, 2021
Regina Sk Canada
I am currently looking at a Jeff Spall tone arm, Being this table is a Clear audio table, what would you recommend? I am running a MC Cart Goldring Eroica XL
My New tone arm is done and shipping. I placed an order for a new Goldring Ethos MC cart. I will be moving the current gloried Eroica XL cart to the basement Rega P3 TT, and will order a second Saturn Audio phono stage. They are an amazing combo.
Got both my turn tables back today. I moved the Goldring Eroica XL From the Marantz to the Rega p3 in the basement and installed the new Series 6 Audiomods Tone arm on the Marantz. Also bought a Goldring Ethos cart. Special Thank you to Tyler at Davidson Home Audio for setting them both up. He did an amazing job and you can tell the sound is just fabulous. Not Sure if it's the Ethos cart or the Tone arm? B20230316_161238.jpg20230316_161304.jpg20230316_161313.jpg20230316_161321.jpg20230316_161913.jpg20230316_162021.jpgut together as a team, they work very well together. I am running it through a Saturn Audio phono stage, with Wireworld Silver Eclipse 8 interconnects. The sound is elegant, clear articulate. I couldn't be more pleased. The cart requires 40 hours of breaking, that will not be a problem. I am very happy with the results.

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