Washlet Bidet (Toto)

Oct 15, 2018
My wife and I spent some time in Japan this past summer. We stayed in three different hotels and all of them had these magic toilet seats. Without a doubt this is the way to go when you gotta go. I thought for the holidays I would surprise her and have one installed in the Master bathroom. I checked out Amazon and there are several/many different types. If anyone can offer some advice or recommendations on features to look for it is much appreciated.


[WBF Founding Member]
Apr 21, 2010
Manila, Philippines
There was a thread precisely on the topic of best washlets..

Toto is the bomb. We've had ours for over 8 years now. Makes taking vacations a bummer unless it is to Japan or Korea LOL Okay, I exaggerate but I'll be damned if the thought doesn't cross my mind.
May 25, 2010
SF Bay Area
Me, too. We've had ours for the past decade. Great invention.

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