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Hi Rob,

I'm a big Neil Young fan, I haven't picked up the new one yet, what are your impressions of the album? Thanks

I'm a big Neil Young fan, I haven't picked up the new one yet, what are your impressions of the album? Thanks

Hello Dan

Well for one thing it's different. It's another one of his "experimentals" and it's unique for lack of a better word. If you are a long time fan I think you will love it.



Gershwin By Grofe, Harmonia Mundi

Symphonic jazz as orchestrated in the '30s, most by Grofe. This small orchestra version of Rhapsody in Blue is sublime. AQ is excellent.

Many thanks to microstrip for recommending this terrific album.
Songs of George and Ira Gershwin 1920's Volume 1
Live Benny Goodman, Let's Dance
Songs by Ira and George Gershwin, Joan Morris, Mezzo-soprano, William Bolcom Piano.
I was in the mood for Rhapsody in Blue. I don't have the version by Grofe on Harmonia Mundi recommended above, but the two I had on hand were by Michael Tilson Thomas.

The sonics on this one isn't stellar, but the performance is. Piano by Gershwin himself (via piano roll), orchestration by Grofe (the small Jazz band version), conducted by MTT.


This second one is the large symphony orchestra version, has far better sonics and the performance is top notch with MTT on piano.

I actually listened to some old Chip Davis last night then made the mistake of watching the news; ruined all my good vibes!

I need to get LA Phil/MTT's Gershwin -- we played it a couple of years ago and the pianist was really good (not Gershwin or MTT but a very good player -- college prof from Denver, I think).

My son is into metal and has been finding all sorts of weird metal CDs (many foreign) that actually sound pretty good to me (a country/jazz/classics/soft to moderate rock kind of guy).
Keith Jarret Trio with Gary Peacock and Jack Dejohnette - Changes - ECM
Steely Dan - aja - limited edition - cisco music
Bach- Bradenburggische Konserte - Karajan_ DG
Antonio Forcione -Live - Naim Records
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An ECM recording was also playing in my system until a few minutes ago : Anouar Brahem - "Le pas du chat noir" (The black cat footsteps) . Later today "The Astounding Eyes of Rita" will follow.

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