Window 10 Update

Feb 8, 2011
Vancouver Island, B.C. Canada
The Spring (April 2018) Windows 10 Update (version 1803) we all know has been delayed. But it is rolling now; a bunch already have it.
They said it's better to wait for the Auto Update, with good reasons.

First the good news, a look @ what comes with it, the ultimate guide (today):

Now some not so good news (yesterday):

* Myself I don't have it yet, I'm waiting for the Auto Update when it's ready.
Then I'll pick my date within few days. I'm not forcing it, I'm not asking for it, I'm not downloading it from Microsoft website.

Two of you here (Barry and WLVCA) are living with it for few weeks now.
My best guess is that there are no major issues in your cases?

Bruce B

WBF Founding Member, Pro Audio Production Member
Apr 26, 2010
Seattle, WA
I have to unplug from the net my digital audio workstations. Pyramix (Merging Tech) only works up to a certain revision. Earlier this year I had to totally rebuild from scratch because of the automatic updates! Never again.......
Feb 8, 2011
Vancouver Island, B.C. Canada
I was in the middle of surfing the net when suddenly things started to slow down and my pad became irresponsible/unresponsive. They didn't tell me anything this time, they just decided to update my Windows version 1803.

I was in WiFi, so it takes longer. I only plugged the cable after 20 minutes or so.
It is still updating. If I knew it in advance I would have plug the cable before.

It's been about an hour is slow, only 65% installed.
Feb 8, 2011
Vancouver Island, B.C. Canada
Final results:

1. While getting world news on the Internet; G7 summit in Quebec, news on Russia, North Korea, Canada, France, USA, China, Italy, world's history, wars, conflicts, nuclear energy, space exploration, global warning, volcano eruptions, thermal temperature, natural influences, human warming, and other local news...the latest suicides, depressions, compressions, repressions, honeymoon in Ireland, frozen caps in Alaska, ...all that wildlife jazz...yesterday Windows was preparing to update my PC.

2. The update preparation took three hours (20 minutes on Wi-Fi and 2:40 hours plugged in).

3. After the preparation was completed it was time to install officially.
You have the choice to wait later on, to pick a date or just do it now.
I clicked "Install Now".

4. The full install took one hour. During that time you could not use your PC, of course. The PC rebooted itself roughly four-five times, blue screen then black, with a small white circle spinning in the screen's center.

* In my limited experience this was a fairly longer update than usual. ...Windows 10, version 1803.
Because the previous three hours during the time it was getting ready, you could not use your PC normally as it was just too slow and I lost the responsiveness of my controlled arrow (pad, mouse).

The world wide web is a library of world's history. The news are on Twitter and Facebook (forget the TV channels because they are mostly about local struggles that have nothing serious to do with the planet's orbit and good functionment).
And when you deal with the world's serious stuff, everything is important...all the countries and the way they deal and interact between each other...respect, fraternity, good will, positive cooperation, honesty, ...all that blue jazz. But the truth in the depth of it all is not so pretty pinky; not everyone is getting along.
And even in our computers there is daily evidence. Kids don't all have good educations, and some find hobbies and jobs as hackers, bullies, stalkers, thieves of the Internet...bitcoin & all.

Before computers existed corruption and crimes were related to real life, now we have cyber crimes.
It is extremely important to have security in the cyber world; from Microsoft, Apple, Facebook, Amazon, Google, ...all the big companies and from our governments. ...Privacy, freedom and justice.
Social medias are good when to expose the truth, not lies. ...Real world news from the world wide web.

So, updating our PCs for better security is good.
So far so good, and nothing perfect exists. :b

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