Wire Splicing


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Feb 4, 2019
I don't like wire nuts. Functionally they are fine. They are one of the best connectors I have used in the field. But for audio, and people going to the Nth degree they have issues.
1. It will create a bad inductive vertices that will double back a great deal of RF noise that’s attempting to move away from the system and towards the panel and Earth.

2. It raises the AC impedance a little. Wire nuts are code compliant, but I’m looking at the transient current too.

In order to get around them I looked for C crimps. This is what I came up with and use with stranded and solid wire. It is especially useful when you have AFCI in a panel and the tail is not long enough to reach the neutral bar. I extend them like this.

I will put a drop it Deoxit on the wires after I lock them. It will migrate up and down. Then I wrap the crimp in plumbers teflon tape. Then I go over it with Electrical vinyl tape.

I though people might find this interesting.


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