Wisdom High End home theater system

Elliot G.

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Jul 22, 2010
Fort Lauderdale, Florida
I got the chance to see the Top Gun Maverick movie this week on the new Top of the Line Sony Laser projector and the incredible ( IMO) Wisdom home theater system with the SL4 for front left and right, 2 STS subs and 2 SCS-2 subs in the rear. I am not sure what the center is called but this driven with the Wisdom electronics and a Trinnov surround pre/pro blew my doors off. It wasn't even finished as this was the only speakers playing the sides/rears and atmos speaker have not yet arrived.
I'm not really a home theater fan since I really think most movies are mediocre but this was terrific and if you are a home theater lover you should come check this out if you are in Fort Lauderdale. Expensive of course but most great things are.


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Apr 20, 2010
Near Atlanta, GA but not too near!
"Music to my ears" as the saying goes.

I have an all Wisdom theater (but using non Wisdom subs) and I have calibrated quite a few as well. There literally is nothing like the sonic bubble presented by these speaker (and a Trinnov) and dynamics are off the charts And while purist two channel advocates would not be impressed, listening to 2 channel music with some custom AuroMatic up-mixing, is also a very unique experience. While some pure 2 channel benefits are given up (depth), there is a much more 3 dimensional sense of space. Not for everyone, but I have long since given up on pure 2 channel listening - as have some of my Wisdom calibration clients who also own very high end 2 channel systems.

Clearly, YMMV !!
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