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I was at that demo this past weekend. That's me in the middle of the second row. Strange but everyone said there was a little sizzle in the room
Feb 11, 2019
This 'toon was partially inspired by an incident many years ago. Back in the day, mfg's used foamed grills, and my floor standing box speakers had ribbed foam on them. I walked into the living room where I found my cat, with surgical precision, slicing and pealing the grills off one of the speaker boxes. After a few choice words (understatement of the century), the cat got the idea I wasn't pleased with its action. That exchange didn't cause a behavioral shift what-so-ever.
To be honest, let me say that in many respects the Isis were the best speakers I’d ever had at home. For example, I’d never heard such a good soundstage. The speakers offer outstanding holography, showing a fully credible soundstage.
Floor standing speaker
Cabinets built in golden ratio proportions
Multiplex birch wood of different densities
Midrange chamber with pressure-equalizing vents
Seven layered lacquer finish


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Feb 26, 2014
Is this a reference to the speakers?
Number 9 has similar speakers and probably similar hair. Hopefully he is low sensitivity as well
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Steve Williams

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Number 9 has similar speakers and probably similar hair. Hopefully he is low sensitivity as well
However resistance seemed high :)

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