Worst Actor of All Time?

All I can think is that WBF is on its last legs if Ron needs to try to liven things up with clickbait like this "thread".

The background activity of late has firmly broken with routine.

Leslie Nielsen and Mel Brooks - Because they defined what's best in the category of bad acting. :)
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How about 'actors who are so bad they are good'. That's the next category of topic devolvement.
Ron, just catch Star Trek 2 The Wrath Of Khan, and watch as Kirk stares like thunder and shouts "KHAAAAAAN!!!", and tell me this is not the greatest acting ever. Man, a tear (almost) rolled down my cheek.
They gave him shrinking Star Trek leotards so he could get the tone right.
Tom Cruise, John Travolta, Ronald Reagen
really travolta? Soo many good films
A civil action ...no happy ending rare in movies
Broken arrow
Face off
Pulp fiction
Basic...gorgeous end
From paris with love..what a title for that movie
now the question is would this film be more successful without travolta
Yes, some might say the William Shatner School of Acting,, which teaches thespians to always emphasize the wrong word in every sentence: "We come IN peace." But before anyone goes too far in badmouthing him, just get a load of Shatner's skills in the Esperanto language (!!!) classic entitled Incubus.
Incubus 1966 - YouTube

Otherwise, Nicholas Cage, no contest. Any of the good parts from F/O were really Travolta's acting with Cage's face on.
Al Pacino. The perfect short man complex rolled up in an exaggerated figjam actor

His doppelganger Phil Spector was a better actor.
it seems just like audio we have vast indifference in views , i met him a few times and love his acting but again i like shatner too as he got older lol
i worked on sets with al pachino and robert deniro , to me al pachino is above deniro , on the set al is cool talks to all and when asked walks on to the set and blows all away . deniro needs to be alone talking the set waits for him to walk out all better be ready and dislikes re takes . al nothing phased him . in the movie with al and robert to me al wpied the floor as robert just gave the same looks he always does angre . the look works most times but lacks the detail of al p .
al in the scent of a waman is amazing
someone needs to define acting as a talent , to me the ability to be anyone they play and not them selves . few can do this al can , and few otjers . and i thank you ron a great topic
It would be hard to out do Sun Ra, given the worst movie I have seen was also by him.
Hugh Grant. I‘m always left with the impression that rather than HG becoming the character, the character becomes HG.

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