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New Amplifiers from MSB: M500 and the S500
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I have not heard the new amps in this system yet but those that have are all raving. The technology of the amp seems to be uniquely different than traditional amplifiers

Introducing the 500 series amplifiers

All new amplifier technology from MSB

Extensive research by MSB has revealed that amplifiers generally fall well short of the finest resolution available from MSB’s own...
Durand Tosca Tonearm...Initial Thoughts
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Thought I would share a few initial impressions of Joel Durand's latest and greatest effort: The Tosca. First a couple of caveats: Joel and I are personal friends and I served as one of Joel's "sounding boards" during development; so there is an implicit positive bias. That is balanced by my innate thriftiness (OK, I'm cheap) and reluctance to make changes in my system...
Three friends and the creation of a high-end manufactory.
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Dear High End friends here in the WBF forum,

I have been a member since April 2011 and many of you already know me.
But not everyone knows what activities are behind us.

I have been asked several times by some members to write something about us and our products.
Under the brand name Dereneville we develop and produce high-end analogue audio products since 2009.

The Colibri “Master Signature”
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Yesterday, my tonearm guy set 2 carts up for me. The Master Signature is on the Axiom/EMT 927. And the ZYX Universe Premium on SAT ( I took the Etna Mono off) but that didn’t work. The ZYX was drifting like Fast n Furious with SAT. The light weight ZYX just couldn’t be played on SAT. The problem was the ZYX not SAT. Something was wrong with its tip. Soon after I reported to David whom I bought...
LampizatOr Golden Atlantic + TRP
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Last weekend I had a pleasure with several good and dear friends to hear at mine and at @wisnon place new reincarnation of LampizatOr Golden Atlantic Plus TRP where TRP stands for Tube Rollers Paradise. Where this name came from - actually the catch is that as output tubes this one uses pentode tubes working in triode mode ranging from El34, 6L6, KT88,90,120,150 and many...
Tonearm Setup: Effective Mass, Inertia, and Sound
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I have been experimenting with adjusting my tonearm's counterweight. I can add or remove extra weights and slide the counterweight mechanism toward or away from the pivot point of my arm. One can see from the three photographs below how the extra weights change the size of the counterweight, lower its center of gravity, and alters its position relative to the arm's pivot point.

I am...

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