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Totaldac Amp-1 poweramp at Munich 2019
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I would like to open a thread on the new Totaldac Amp-1 poweramp on the WBF Amp/Preamp Forum.

Here is its specifications and pricings :

What's Best? The Absolute Sound or today's High End Systems?
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Back in the day of Harry Pearson and the evolution of the High End Audio, Pearson, in the pages of The Absolute Sound, defined the "absolute sound" as unamplified acoustic instruments and/or vocals performed in a real space, usually a concert hall. The evaluation of reproduction systems (HiFi equipment) was a based on a subjective comparison to the "absolute sound." The best systems...

Aries Cerat Legend System - the video

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American Sound AS-2000 Installations- Far East (Anthony)

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I mention it often but the biggest pleasure I receive from producing AS2000 is the new friends I make and the chance to revisit old friends. Because of the AS2000 we take a timeout from our busy lives and have some fun and this trip was exactly that, Great Fun :D!

This was my first time back to Hong Kong since mid 2000’s and I was looking forward to the visit and it didn’t disappoint. I met...
Taiko Audio 'Evo spec' meets MSB Select II + NVS tt
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lately I've had a bit of action around my place, with new amplifiers (ML3 and VAC Statements) and Ron Resnick's visit. then last week Ed Hsu of Taiko Audio/SGM spent 3 days (Wednesday, Thursday and Friday) at my home. mostly I was gone to work and Ed was there working.

Ed visited to (1) convert the stock TS-150 and TS-140 Herzan's to the Taiko Tana top...
NEW ZenWave PS14 UPOCC Silver Ribbon Power Cable
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I'm excited to announce ZenWave Audio's new power cable! :D

This cable is intended to be an all-out, no-holds-barred, cost-no-object power cable that is CLEARLY better vs top of the line copper power cables such as Furutech's DPS-4 and my own PL11 cable. It has a very vivid and dynamic effect that will highlight the shortcomings of other power cables and make you reconsider how much...

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