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Three boxes from Greece - Tune Audio
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Just received these three boxes.
Probably contain statues from Ancient Greece…
Ode to a Swiss Turntable
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I feel worse about this than I have after attending some funerals. After 30 plus years, I am retiring my much beloved Goldmund Studio turntable with a Goldmund T3F tonearm. If I had a dollar for every time this turntable made my brain sing, I would be a wealthy man. I can however, attest to the fact that I found great comfort in benefiting from riches in lieu of dollars for all the joy that...
Totaldac D1-Driver, the (pre)amplifier driver
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I am not in the habit of starting threads unless I feel a product is of significant enough importance to do so. The Totaldac D1-Driver is such a product. The official product description states D1-Driver, the amplifier driver. I have deliberately added (pre) in the thread title.

The Totaldac website description reads:
The d1-driver is an analog driver. It is usually connected to the...
Are Transports Obsolete?
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It surprises me in this day and age that transports continue to be developed, and presumably sold. I know this has at least been in part to the physical media aspects of spinning one's CD library. Also, Transports, particularly of the cost no object variety, can be more 'sexy' than servers.

We 'know' that server technology has, for all intents and purposes, eclipsed transports in the last...
Acapella & amps
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I'm looking at Acapella speakers ... particularly model Lacampanella or Cellini.

Is there somebody who have experience of these speakers in combination with ZANDEN tubes electronics ? but with the MODERN line :
Preamp ZANDEN 3100 : http://www.zandenaudio.com/product/m3100.php
Stereo amp ZANDEN 8120 ...
Giant Custom Horn Systems - How they sound and issues with sonics
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I definitely dream of one day building the ultimate system and room. I see what some of these crazy guys do with truly giant custom horn installations and they make me drool, but (like most of us) I've never had an opportunity to hear one of these crazy systems (see pics).

But I'm guessing at least a few of you have and others probably possess some theoretical engineering knowledge around...

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