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Acapella & amps
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I'm looking at Acapella speakers ... particularly model Lacampanella or Cellini.

Is there somebody who have experience of these speakers in combination with ZANDEN tubes electronics ? but with the MODERN line :
Preamp ZANDEN 3100 : http://www.zandenaudio.com/product/m3100.php
Stereo amp ZANDEN 8120 ...
Giant Custom Horn Systems - How they sound and issues with sonics
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I definitely dream of one day building the ultimate system and room. I see what some of these crazy guys do with truly giant custom horn installations and they make me drool, but (like most of us) I've never had an opportunity to hear one of these crazy systems (see pics).

But I'm guessing at least a few of you have and others probably possess some theoretical engineering knowledge around...
Bespoke Audio TVC Passive Preamp - An Unassuming Star
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Do any of WBF members notice that I have switched from ARC 40th Anniversary Preamp to a Bespoke Audio TVC Passive Preamp (silver transformer version)?
I did that about 1 year ago.
Then why I post this thread so many months later?
It's because I saw the following Bespoke at the Hong Kong dealer (Volent HK)'s showroom last week.
It's so eye-catching!
And suits the coming Xmas so well! haha...
Totaldac Amp-1 poweramp at Munich 2019
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I would like to open a thread on the new Totaldac Amp-1 poweramp on the WBF Amp/Preamp Forum.

Here is its specifications and pricings :

What's Best? The Absolute Sound or today's High End Systems?
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Back in the day of Harry Pearson and the evolution of the High End Audio, Pearson, in the pages of The Absolute Sound, defined the "absolute sound" as unamplified acoustic instruments and/or vocals performed in a real space, usually a concert hall. The evaluation of reproduction systems (HiFi equipment) was a based on a subjective comparison to the "absolute sound." The best systems...

Aries Cerat Legend System - the video

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